Report from our friend and team member Glenn’s wife on his status…..

RTR team member Glenn Van Zeumeren continues to fight his disease with toughness, we’d expect nothing less from an accomplished Ironman triathlete like Glenn! Glenn also runs Racing To Regsiter in Canada ( . His wife sent us this update last night:

—–Hi everyone,

This update is from me, Michelle,…so may be longer then Glenn`s. J

I just got back home from checking him into PMH..that is Princess Margaret Hotel….I mean hospital. J He has a wonderful room with a great view, which he is VERY THANKFUL for. Hopefully this view will help him with feeling a little less isolated. He is right near the nurses’ station so I am sure he will enjoy seeing and hearing their conversations. He has his own private room with a bathroom and a bidet in there…see I did say Princess Margaret Hotel.

Upon arriving , we checked in and met with the nurse who asked questions and Glenn can also say he has now experienced a new version of `get swabbed“, which he is thankful we do not have to do that to others…. We met with the transplant doctor and the pharmacist who went over the numerous drugs and anti drugs will be taking. Wow…talk about lots of drugs and money for these drugs!

We were wrong with some of our dates and what happens over the next few days. Starting tomorrow, he will be having 4 days of chemo. One kind in the morning and another stronger kind in the afternoon. The second dose takes 3 hours to go intravenously through his Hickman line. Then he is done chemo around 4 :30 and can actually leave the hospital and go for a walk or come home and be back by 11. But Glenn will be staying after the chemo and he  may go for walks. Then on Monday he has radiation which he will have 2 rounds of throughout the day . Then on the 9th(Tuesday), he will have the transplant. So as the pharmacist said `pretty uneventful prior to transplant. He may be nauseous and vomiting but they are pretty good with the anti nauseate drugs. We learned lots of things that could or might happen after transplant but will take it one day at a time to see if Glenn experiences any of it.

So…the time is finally here. Lots of emotions have played through this past week. Yes..I should be excited…and am somewhat.. But to be honest….there is fear, and I know that is a human response. But along with the fear there is peace and joy.! Joy of feeling the love from all our family and friends. We have spent the last few days with family and friends, laughing , crying and praying! What a wonderful feeling and experience. We had our Pastor over on Monday with Ryan and Collette. Sierra has been in the States with our church group doing  mission work  this past week and comes  home on Friday night.. We talked with Pastor Jana about our joys, concerns, fears and thoughts. We also said how proud we are of Glenn because he is so strong and he is the rock in our family right now. We also know that the Lord is our rock and we would not be able to go through this without Him. Pastor Jana read to us Psalm 121( will share a verse and you can read the rest yourself) vs.1-: I lift up my eyes to the hills, where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth..vs7. the Lord will keep you from all harm, he will watch over your life, the Lord will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore “ So, yes, there is a little fear..but there is more peace knowing that the Lord is watching over us and watching over the doctors and nurses.

Please continue to also pray for the donor! What a gift this person is giving and is probably now also going through some medical appointments.

Thank you again for all your prayers, emails , cards and thoughts. We do covet them. We hope to look back in five years and rejoice in the healing of Glenn and praise the Healer as we go.

Continue to pray for us as this journey is long,

I am sure that Glenn’s updates from now on will be much shorter than mine J

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